MEDFORVAL 2017 meeting

The MEDFORVAL annual meetings have several objectives: (i) enable members to meet at least once a year, review actions implemented since the previous meeting, and plan actions for the coming year; (ii) build the capacity of sites’ members on specific issues jointly agreed by them, through specific training sessions; and (iii) discover the different network member sites, as the meeting will be held by the sites one after the other.

The 2017 edition, the last one of the 2015-2017 initial project, will take place in Shouf, Lebanon, October 23rd to 25th, 2017.

With a view to developing the network and opening it up to new partners, this meeting will be open (without support) to anyone interested in the management, protection or restoration of High ecological value forests in the Mediterranean. For practical and organizational reasons, it is necessary to register before August 31st, 2017 using the form below - please note that registering doesn't imply buying air tickets or booking hotel rooms. In logistical terms, plan an arrival in Beirut/Shouf on Sunday October 22nd in the evening, and a departure at the earliest on Wednesday 26th after 6 pm from Shouf.

Precision for the partners of the current project: registration should be done through a dedicated form, available here:

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