Project governance

The MEDFORVAL project is financed by MAVA Foundation for Nature and is managed by AIFM (International Association for Mediterranean Forests) as part of the Collaborative Partnership on Mediterranean Forests (CPMF) and the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests (CGFS).


MAVA Foundation for Nature aims to contribute to the qualitative and quantitative management of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to preserve their biodiversity. To this end, it encourages scientific research, training, integrated management while ensuring local people a future cultural, economic and ecological.

- The preservation of rare or endangered species and their habitats

- The preservation of biodiversity and landscape

- Sustainable Natural Resources Management

More information on the website of MAVA here.


AIFM is a non-profit organization based on a cross-field and multidisciplinary approach, works, inter alia, for the development of decentralized cooperative initiatives.

The objective of these exchanges is to helping the formulation and solving of problems encountered in the management and use of these environments by shared discussion in order to better promote these areas in environmental, land development planning and sustainable development policies. In such a way, the AIFM contributes to a better considerationin policies and concrete actions of various issues connected to Mediterranean woodlands, at international, national, local and individual levels.

More information on the AIFM's website by following this link.



The project is managed by a Steering Committee formed by four people who ensure the smooth running of the program established .

The Advisory Committee is to provide advice to the proper functioning of the project.

To access the member profils , click on their name.

Steering Commitee

Alain Chaudron

Paule Gros

Pedro Regato

Julien Sémelin


Advisory Commitee

Dania Abdul Malak

Louis Amandier

Alessandro Badalotti

Magda Boudagher

Lorenzo Ciccarese

Valentina Garavaglia

Samiha Khelifa

Evi Korakaki

Nuri Ozbagdatli

Dijana Vuletic







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