MEDFORVAL in Luberon-Lure workshop

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MEDFORVAL in Luberon-Lure workshop

The MEDFORVAL team was at the Luberon Natural regional park, south of France, for the Mediterranean forest management and Natura 2000 workshop of the Natura 2000 Biogeographical process for the Mediterranean.

On May 10th and 11th, 2016, Marine Lovero Plessis and Valentine Plessis were at the workshop on Mediterranean forests management and Natura 2000 organized by the PNR of Luberon in the framework of the Mediterranean biogeographical process of Natura 2000.

The purpose of this workshop was firstly to create the opportunity for actors in Natura 2000 forest sites iof the Mediterranean to meet and discuss Mediterranean forest management issues, and also to bring to the the attention of the European Commission, represented by Ludovic Le Maresquier, potential difficulties and possible solutions to better manage Natura 2000 forest sites.

Marine Lovero could also present the project in plenary session as Chair on Wednesday, May 11th.



In addition to publicize the MEDFORVAL network and, hence, AIFM, the workshop was an opportunity to meet Aline Salvaudon and Sophie Bourlon from the Luberon-Lure biosphere reserve, a member of MEDFORVAL network.

You can find the report by clicking here.


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