Portrait de guadiana


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Maria Jose
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Baixo Guadiana
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Forêts hygrophiles

Guadiana data collection (fiche descriptive de Guadiana en anglais)

ADPM – the Association for the Conservation of Mértola’s Heritage – is one of Portugal’s largest and oldest non-­governmental organisations.

ADPM was founded in 1980 with the mission of conserving the natural and cultural heritage of the Lower Guadiana region. With its headquarters in the town of Mértola, it has a team of approx. 30 staff, and is engaged in a
broad program supported by public (mainly EU) and private donors, in the fields of natural resources management, landscape protection, sustainable development and agriculture, community empowerment etc.

ADPM, together with its partner WWF Mediterranean Program Office, was instrumental for the creation of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park in 1995.

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